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Understand your audience better.

Tell your story better.




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Now more than ever, understanding your audience is key.

As the world recovers, businesses and organisations can play their part.

We can help.  

Core Influence works with your business to understand, manage and influence your customers and other key audiences - while ensuring your organisation tells its best story and highlights its real influence to stakeholders.

With experience across business, sport and beyond, our team has a unique approach

Our team of experts has worked at the highest levels of business, sport and politics. Throughout that time, it has become clear that the traditional model of communications and CSR is not fit for purpose.

With the coronavirus pandemic highlighting the importance of community and impact among wider society, Core Influence was created to help organisations manage this new world.

By developing a deep understanding of your target audiences, organisations can develop messages and strategies that resonate more effectively and driven by data and insight. 

They can then have the greatest impact on the communities that matter to them - ensuring we collectively recover stronger from the pandemic and build a better society. Together. 

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Our Work

Business Strategy

  • Opinion research 

  • Deep dive / company-wide audits

  • Stakeholder audits

  • Strategy workshops

  • Organisational design

Comms & Campaigns

  • Corporate communications

  • Digital and social media strategy

  • Database development

  • Writing frameworks

  • Campaigns

  • Content creation

CSR & Community Outreach

  • Creating meaningful CSR strategies and projects for your business

  • Help businesses shape their CSR objectives via company wide audits

  • Develop strategies to enhance current and new CSR projects to ensure the full impact of them is seen and heard